Monday, August 01, 2011

When healing is complete: your mission

What am I here for?
This is the age-old question. It may surprise you to learn that your mission in life has always been clear to you but you have resisted it in order to keep the dream alive. In other words, you have created an artificial mission, which has been to keep the Dream alive.
Now you have awakened, your mission will become clear. This clarity will emerge by means of a special process which is in three stages:
  • Surrender: Let go of all previous ideas about mission
  • Recognition: Recognise what your mission truly is
  • Purposeful activity: Fulfill your mission.

All the ideas you have had about your purpose in life have for too long been obscured by the contradictions in your Dream. To gain clarity, throw these ideas into the air and let them fall where they may, like undoing a huge jigsaw and scattering the pieces all around. Then simply wait and trust in the natural process of making sense of your inner world. It will happen as naturally as breathing if you let it.
When you have let go of every shred of the Dream, and are truly open to experience, the way forward will be made clear. For example I kept my Dream alive for fifty five years , along with all the pain and trauma it contained. That had become the principle task of my life. As soon as I was able to let my wombtwin go into the light my life’s work lay clear before me: I must use my writing talents and experience to tell the world about wombtwin survivors.
In fulfilling your mission you will put to use all the gifts and talents that your physical nature, life experience and social situation have provided. Not least among these are the wonderful gifts that the experience of being with your wombtwin has given you.
These gifts include the natural desire to share; a heightened sensitivity to the needs of all living things and the ability to make strong empathetic connections. I believe that wombtwin survivors have a special mission, which is to put these wonderful gifts to use wherever possible.
As you use your gifts wherever you can to the best effect, be clear which direction you are taking. The footsteps you chose to make create the road you will walk, but remember that you can always decide to change direction completely or return to where you once were to learn more.
The aim of such a life is to make a difference. Your wombtwin died but you were the one to live. Survivor guilt is natural enough, but gratitude is the most appropriate response. The great gift of life sets an obligation upon wombtwin survivors: to live life to the full and use our gifts to the maximum good effect.
Gratitude impels us to give in return. This is a road of discovery and exploration, always creative but forever at the threshold of risk. It is a road that requires great courage, tools and assistance if you are to walk it effectively.
The courage of conviction is what you need. Decide on what you really believe in with all your heart, be it fairness, truth, loving kindness or healing, and keep that always in mind. Make that your lodestone to set your daily direction.
Truth is the only tool you will need, provided you use it with purpose. Be prepared to speak the truth, admit the truth, fight for the truth to be told and help others to see the truth about themselves and the consequences of their actions.
There are millions of womb twin survivors in the world, and many of them are your best friends because womb twin survivors like to spend time together. Let them help you as much as you help them.
If all the womb twin survivors in the world joined forces and put their talents to good use, this would create an extremely powerful motor for healing change in the world.
No womb twin survivor can do much alone, but couples, groups, crowds and whole societies of hundred of thousands of womb twin survivors would doubtless constitute a force sufficient to change the world.


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