Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Womb twin kids: books to help parents to talk about it

The biggest problem parents have with bringing up a womb twin survivor is how to deal with the issue of the dead twin.  Some parents say nothing in the erroneous belief that  the child is best left in ignorance of such upsetting news, so ( often many decades later)  the survivor works it out in other ways, for the impression is always there in some form.

This is why we have the Womb Twin Kids project.

Some parents decide that is is best for their child to know, but  then other questions arise..
  • How do I  describe the twin and the death of the twin?
  • What is the best way to talk about  it?  
  • How much information should I provide?
  • Will my child be upset? If so, how can I help?

The answer, I believe, is to have  a book. There are a variety of children's books on difficult subjects like the death of a sibling, and there is one already in print about the death of a twin.

 There is also an ebook "Me and My twin", written by Claudia Pinheiro.
Illustrated by Maria, aged 7 years

I am developing another book. It is about two little birds, Birdie and Beaky, who hatched out of the same egg, but Beaky never learned to fly and was lost in the field of flowers, leaving behind just one white feather.

To be published later in 2011 by Wren Publications

See details here.  I think it will help parents to broach the subject.  The story also describes a healing path, which any young child could understand.

There will be more books, for children of various ages.... see the full list here in the Womb twin Kids bookshop.

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