Sunday, June 05, 2011

Womb twin survivors and chimeras: The eyes have it

When two non-identical ( dizygotic) embryos merge one into the other, the result is one individual with a mix of DNA. The physical effects of carrying a load of someone else's DNA is  to have eyes of different colours or have one eye a different colour from the  other.  This condition is called heterochromia.

There are some well- known people whose eyes signal their status as a womb twin survivor who merged with  their twin shortly after conception:

Adam Lambert has the most extraordinary eyes - but then he is an extraordinary person, as so many womb twin survivors are.

Another  tragic example is Madeleine McCann, sister of twins, the little girl who vanished suddenly when on holiday with her parents in 2008.

If your eyes have patches of a different colour, or if you have eyes different colours, The explanation for this is that you are a womb twin survivor.


  1. Do you mean that every one who has mixed eyes colours is a chimera? Or is it possible that have mixed eyecolours within only one DNA?

  2. I'm not an expert, but as far as I can find out its not inherited, so its a chimera thing, happening after conception. The scientists say its because of a chimera, so I guess it must be!

  3. There are other reasons for having two different eye colors besides being a chimera. This is very misleading.

  4. As I said, I'm not an expert so I assume you are. Do tell: What are those other reasons for different eye colours?

    1. There are lots of reasons..and heterochromia can be hereditary... some diseases can change a persons eye colour and damage to an eye can change there colour..also certain drugs can change them too... I have heterochromia iridium. .of one blue eye and one green..I may possibly be a chimera. .but I also may not be either..without genetic testing I'll never know..this is a very misleading article though.

  5. Adam Lambert is not a womb twin survivor