Monday, July 18, 2011

Healing (17) Being female in a male kind of way

The biology of being a woman is about far more than just giving birth and rearing children. Women are essential for holding communities together; socialising the children and caring for the sick, old or weak. Women are sociable, talkative and enjoy being in a group.
With other women, the female uses feminine energy for negotiation of space, emotional support, caring for children and improving the home environment. With men, female energy is used to foster in the male a sense of his own dominance in the group and to ensure that he provides and cares for her adequately, in return for which her sexual favours are made available, from time to time.
A woman is a natural behavioural psychologist, placing reward and punishment in just the right places to achieve exactly what she wants. There is no need for her to shout or rant, all she has to do is wait for the right moment.

If you are a woman who dresses like a man and acts tough, that won’t make you a man. All you can be is a travesty of a woman. No one likes a manly woman (except of course a man carrying female energy.) If a woman is dominant, noisy, aggressive and likes to flex her muscles and be tough, this is a travesty of what she is capable of.
She doesn’t have to be a lesbian to do this: if she is a wombtwin survivor who lost a twin brother, that male energy is always available in her Dream; it is easy for her to slip into a kind of “male” mode when the situation demands.
There are a variety of ways in which some women (possibly including you) express their female energy in a male kind of way.
The harridan
A woman can quietly dominate and control with absolute firmness, but with too much male energy she will deliver you a lecture if you step out of line. She will shout and harangue you until you are silenced and ashamed.
The shrew
A woman is naturally very good at confronting other people with the truth about themselves for their own sake, but with too much male energy the truth is used to scold and criticise, to belittle the other person and establish dominance over them.
The whore
A woman is always aware of her sexuality, but with too much male energy she may make it much more overt, abuse it and take it to extremes. She may become very active sexually and dominate her partner in an exploitative way, even resorting to bondage, whipping and black leather.
The house proud
A woman is naturally able to focus on small details in order to maintain a household or care for children, but with too much male energy this ability can be take to extremes and used as a form of display. competitiveness and control of other people. The house proud woman is a travesty of a good housewife, because her home, far from being a haven of rest and hospitality, is a public display of her abilities as a housewife. She shows it off much as a man may flex his muscles or preen himself.
The madam
A woman will receive attention if she is attractive as a person, but with too much male energy she will show off, throw tantrums and refuse to comply with any suggestions. This childish behaviour can persist beyond childhood. This behaviour obviously sabotages any chance of her receiving the positive attention she craves, but then that’s a womb twin survivor for you!

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