Sunday, July 10, 2011

Healing (9) death

As we explore, deeper and deeper, into the details of your Dream of the womb, we come across death. Like a partially completed jigsaw, a picture will gradually emerge of what happened in the womb all those years ago. A memory of exactly how your twin died is buried somewhere in your mind and in this session I hope you will be able to work out what happened.
Sudden death
If your mother underwent an abortion operation but remained pregnant afterwards, then your twin died during the operation but you survived. This was a sudden and violent death.
If your twin was miscarried, he or she was lost quickly and completely after a loss of blood and perhaps some mild contractions of the womb. This was probably because there were not enough hormones around to keep the placenta firmly planted in the wall of the womb. The placenta is vital to maintain life and your womb twin simply starved to death and asphyxiated. In this case, your placenta may have been inadequate for you. You may have been small for dates or born prematurely.

Doomed to die
The body of your twin may have developed into an abnormal shape before death. It seems that this information is found in coded form in the survivor’s dream of the womb. There may have been skin changes such as ichthyosis, which turns the skin hard and white and turns the tissues of the eyes and mouth red. There may also be bodily malformations such as syrenomelia or “mermaid syndrome” where the legs are fused into one limb. Your twin may have developed without a brain, or hardly any head. This is a slow death, and the hold on life would be very fragile indeed as your twin’s life faded into silence.
If your twin died very early indeed then there would have been no bleeding or pain. A radiographer would say your twin “vanished”, but in fact it was more of a quiet slow death and gradual re-absorption via the placenta until only a few traces remained. In this case your twin was fatally flawed genetically. Death was a sudden silence after that tiny initial spark of life was extinguished.
Remaining alongside
The body of your dead twin may have been quite visible when you were born. If death in the womb occurred, for whatever reason after your twin’s body was well developed, then reabsorption would be only partial. The sac, containing hair and bones would have remained alongside you until birth, squashed into a corner by your developing body.
This would have been a slow death, gradually diminishing in size as your body grew larger, until there was hardly any space at all. Your growing body would have flattened your twin’s dead body into a flattened disc of tissue, called a “foetus papyraceous” which was delivered along with the placenta.
Half dead
If you are an identical twin survivor you may feel as if half of you is dead, or at least somehow incapable of life. This is a memory of the death of your identical twin, who is truly half of you, but who didn't make it to birth.
Dead identical twins sharing an amniotic sac are rarely if ever miscarried but remain alongside, to form a strong memory of a “dead half” of yourself that you must carry with you all your born life.
Awareness of death
Womb twin survivors think about death a lot. In your dream of the womb is an instinctive knowledge of the cause of your wombtwin’s death. You may have already felt some emotional reaction to the information given above. Whatever happened, at some deep level, you know exactly what happened, for the dream of the womb is based in real events.
Somewhere deep in the back of your mind is a sense of how your twin died, and this has become part of how you feel today about death and dying. If you can unravel your twin’s life and death from your own, then you will see clearly that you are neither partially dead or dying but very much alive.

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