Monday, September 26, 2011

Ghost story or lost twin story?

The feeling of one's twin being near is very common among womb twin survivors:-  watching over you, part of your life; keeping you from harm; a guardian angel.  If you don't know about womb twin survivors and the possibility of being one yourself, then this must be a ghost, for what else can it be?

Here is a story written by someone who sounds like a womb twin survivor, thinks like a womb twin survivor, shares similar feelings with many other womb twin survivors and therefore probably is a womb twin survivor herself:
I wasn't a lonely child EVER but I still felt like I was missing someone so important. A strong bond I had with someone who wasn't there? I'd never lost anyone at that age though, I thought. When I'd go to bed at night I'd look down at the empty bed with such a broken heart, almost crying and I'd think to myself "Why isn't she there?" Even to this day I still have serious issues sleeping. And a lot of times I just don't feel whole, like I lost such an important part of me.

          Well, when I was eight years old I had an "imaginary" friend named Sarah.
Only I could see her and communicate with her, she existed to no one else. I talked to her all the time and we played together constantly. The strange thing is she looked almost exactly like me. She had black hair with blue eyes just like me and our faces were VERY similar.
One day, my parents heard me screaming from the bedroom. They rushed in quickly, along with my brother to see what was wrong with me. There they saw me hanging off the side of the bed, yelling, "Sarah is pulling me! Make her stop!" My hair was sticking straight out as if someone was actually there pulling. All at once, the hair just dropped like she had let go. Me being eight years old at the time, I was very freaked because she had never done anything like that before. I never figured out why she was trying to pull me from my bed though. Well, after Sarah tried to pull me from the bed, I took her down by the road and told her to leave and never come back again.
 Years passed by without me seeing her anymore.
I'm nineteen years old now and Sarah has randomly come back.
I was in my bedroom one day and I had just woke up. I was having a bit of a problem moving so I just lay there thinking "Ah I'll move here in a minute." The sunshine was out that day but not very brightly. I saw something out of the corner of my eye so I turned to look and there was this girl who came from this mist like stuff. My eyes widened as she was walking closer. Her expression was practically blank.

First thing I thought when she got really close to me was "Sarah is back." She had gotten taller and her black hair was even longer than before but her skin color was sort of a blue tint! She grabbed my head and I was so frightened I couldn't move. And she spoke! She said this three times "Attack." she said it so calmly but whatever she was doing was hurting my head. In front of "Attack" she was saying a word that sounded like "HE"...I don't know why she would be saying "He attack" though? I'm majorly confused. After a few frightening minutes, she disappeared back into the mist. I lay there for minutes before I was brave enough to get out of bed!
And a couple weeks later I had something very strange happen!

I was napping on the couch one night and I had a dream that I had a twin who was in Heaven. She came to see me as a ghost and she was very angry, she said my mom should have told me about her existence. So she kind of went after my mom in my dream. Here's where it gets really creepy. While I was sleeping on the couch having that dream, my mom said her and dad were sitting in their room watching television and they heard someone walk into their room and say "Mom!" in my voice but when they turned to look nobody was there... And after my mom told me that, I told her the dream I was having while she had that happen.

A few months before I saw Sarah in my bedroom, my brother told me I had experienced "Vanishing twin syndrome" I didn't want to believe him but I really do and thought so before he told me even.
I saw her two more times after that time in my bedroom. One of the times she was standing by my television and the next time she was beside me in bed when I woke but I wasn't frightened at all.  Just thinking back to the day when she was in my room "attacking" my head makes me feel really sad.  I wonder why she would come back now.
I would say that Sarah will go on "coming back" until her sister's Dream of the Womb is clear and resolved. The problem is not that she comes back, but that she never truly left.

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