Thursday, September 29, 2011

Multiple womb twin survivors - exaggerated responses

Multiple womb twin survivors can be rather histrionic in the way they express their feelings. They can go "over the top" with emotions. They may weep excessively at a film that leaves others just a bit tearful; they may get terribly hurt by a small slight or be very easily provoked into anger. As babies they may cry a lot about nothing; as toddlers they may be afraid of being left alone, especially in the dark. As children they may suddenly become withdrawn and feel a dark mood of despair, or fear of death coming upon them for no particular reason. They may be described as "moody". As teenagers they may hide away weeping for hours for some invented reason, not really knowing why. As adults they may be plunged into "black dog" depression that comes and goes with no apparent cause. The whole demeanour of DZ womb twin survivors changes with their moods, which can oscillate wildly between despair / rage and loud laughter / joy over a short period of time.

Living life intensely
Intensity applies lifestyle too. They live life to the full and overflowing. There are simply not enough hours in the day for what they want to achieve. They often have two jobs, or have several part-time occupations at once. They do not know what it is to be bored, rather they are bursting with new ideas that demand expression. They are always busy, but can always find time for people and their needs. They will sit up all night with someone in need, or drop everything for the sake of a friend. They become exhausted not by their busy lives but by the added demands they put on themselves to reach out to friends in need, following which they have to fulfill the demands of job and family.

Unfinished business
Multiple womb twin survivors tend to start new projects with great gusto but quickly run out of steam and not carry things through. They are great initiators providing someone else can come and take
over and bring the whole thing to fruition. Where there is no one to take over, they may leave the remains of several unfinished projects lying around to clutter up their home. They may hate the clutter but they will say that it is difficult to get round to finishing things off, as if there is an emotional block to doing so. Explaining this reluctance is easy when one thinks of an unfinished, half-formed foetus fading away, leaving traces behind:  all that remains of the lost twin.

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