Friday, September 30, 2011

Multiples: Female energy in a narcissistic man - Michael Jackson

In this series of images,  you can see clearly how Michael Jackson, originally a black boy, turned himself into a pale woman.  As he changed his skin colour and his hairstyle, he gradually gave expression to the female energy in himself.

But he was also highly narcissistic - the KING of pop!!  As part of his identity as an identical twin he was paradoxical in every way: an intensely private showman, a father who was more like a mother;  a man who was inwardly so sad yet gave such great joy to so many.  Loved by all, he was in his own words "The loneliest man in the world."

If he had known this in his lifetime, he may have been happier as a person and may have been still with us.  If he had only known that feeling alone among many friends is a womb twin survivor feeling and not the truth; if he had only known that he was driven by a desire to change the world for the better because of his prenatal origins; if he had only been able to recognise what a handsome and sexy man he was, and that he could give his testosterone full and easy expression instead of feeling BAD about being a man; if he had felt able to grow up, he would have been a great force for good in the world.

As long as womb twin survivors continue to live out their Dream of the Womb, they are not fully present and engaged in this reality. They deal in dreams and hopes, which soon fade into disappointment and leave only tears.

Rest in peace, Michael. Your work is done.


  1. I was watching, years ago, an interview with Michael Jackson and his older sister, La Toya, and THEY looked like twins, he had altered his appearance so much. Not only that, but how about the fact that Michael's place was called Neverland (Peter Pan, who never wanted to grow up) that is a big aspect of wombtwin survivors. I think Michael really was tired and wanted to leave this earth, even though he had that comeback tour planned and everything, he had just had enough, and he really did want to go, maybe not in the manner that he actually died, but go nonetheless.

  2. Michael Jackson wasn't a twin. It was Marlon who lost a twin. But I do think his up brining from home and the entertainment industry and success (all tramatizers) caused him to morph into a narcissist. All you have to do is look at all of his relationships. They all revolved around him. The people who were in his life were there because they served a purpose for Michael Jackson, and when he felt they no longer served a purpose, they were out.

    1. Marlon's twin was known about, of course, but I thin that Michael also had a twin but lost him early in pregnancy, and also a sister, whose energy he tried to live out. That makes him a womb twin survivor. The narcissism is related to being a womb twin survivor. Check out the posts about narcissism on this blog - there are plenty! to learn more, if you are interested that is.

      Narcissists are born, not made!!