Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alfred Austermann talks about womb twin survivors

Interview with Alfred Austermann - The Vanishing Twin Syndroom or The Surviving Twin Syndrome.
About one person in ten is not alone at the beginning of the pregnancy and embarks on the journey into life together with a twin… When one of them dies, the surviving child suffers an immense shock. Even though there will be no conscious recollection of this shock later on, an enormous hole will be left and will leave its mark on a person’s entire life.
Deep-seated feelings of inexplicable longing, loneliness and guilt can result from this early loss.

La Sindrome del Gemello Scomparso - The Vanishing Twin Syndroom from nonsoloanima.TV on Vimeo.

Alfred's book,  The Surviving Twin Syndrome,  is a remarkable journey through many stories of his clients who came to him for therapy.  Written in German, it has been translated into English.  He spoke to us about his work with womb twin survivors at the Womb Twin conference in 2010.

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