Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Is there a true "Womb Twin Survivor Syndrome?

In the beginning, in 2003, there was the hypothesis. I discovered that I am a womb twin survivor in 2002 and I assumed that there would be others like me, who were also womb twin survivors, who felt like me.  As the number of stories I heard increased, and as the questionnaire statements were gradually refined, it seemed that we did all think and feel the same way. I was therefore able to come up with my first Womb Twin Theory in 2004:

Womb twin survivors spend their lives constantly re-enacting their Dream of the Womb.  Nothing is more important than that - even life itself.  They will go to extraordinary lengths and choose to create all kinds of fantasies, simply to keep that Dream alive, for in the Dream is the twin they yearn for and search for, their whole life long. 

Then came a couple of rather heated exchanges with sceptics on the James Randi Sceptics Forum, to whom I put my hypothesis and the problem I had with finding a control group who were certainly NOT womb twin survivors. They told me in no uncertain terms that I had nothing more than an hypothesis, if that, and to talk about a "theory" would be to make out that I had certain knowledge, which I clearly did not have.

Despite the fact that the principle activity of some of the critical thinkers on this forum appeared to be character assassination, a few of them had useful things to say. One of the less abusive members said:
I would suggest that you prove the validity of your idea before you use it to treat people. Until your work is proven valid, there is the possibility that you are wrong.  If you are wrong, you are doing a grave disservice to those who come to you for help.
It was clearly time for a re-think on matters of proof.  The help I was providing was minimal, and in any case was not therapy at all, but consisted mainly of listening and exploring ideas, so I knew that people were safe with me.   However the matter of proof was a problem.

So I changed by terms of use and referred thereafter to the "Womb Twin Hypothesis", and have done so until very recently. After all I should not claim to know something if I am still unsure about it. But the results of several questionnaire analyses have come up with the same short list of shared characteristics:
1.   All my life I have felt something is missing
I know I am not realising my true potential
I have been searching for something all my life but I don’t know what it is
I fear rejection
I feel different from other people 
6.  I have a problem with expressing anger - either there is too much or too little

.  Deep down, I feel alone, even when I am among friends
8.  I fear abandonment
9.  There are two sides to my character
.  I always feel in some way unsatisfied, but I don’t know why.
.  All my life I have carried deeply-felt emotional pain that persists, despite all my efforts to heal myself.
This is not an hypothesis or a theory: this is a syndrome.

[Collins dictionary:  Set of symptoms or characteristics indicating the existence of a condition, problem, etc.]

I put it to you, that what we have found in our work together, all you wonderful womb twin survivors who have shared your story with me, is a true syndrome, shared by 10% of the population and not shared by the rest of the world, who have absolutely no idea what we are talking about and say we are crazy.

NO.  We are not crazy - we are womb twin survivors!


  1. Thank you Althea for your dedicated research on that issue...
    I am very interested in what you found as answers of the control group...can you tell us a little bit about your control group work?

  2. The problem is that being a womb twin survivor is, for the most part, a hidden condition, with little or no evidence of their once having been a twin. Therefore I would not be able to find a group of people who are certainly NOT womb twin survivors, and can prove that they are not.

    The people I used for this study were the people who certainly ARE womb twin survivors, and have evidence to prove that they are. I didn't even try to find a control group. Anyhow I don't have the funds, the know how or the facilities to find 1200 people who are certainly NOT womb twin survivors and have evidence to prove that they are not. That work will done one day by some well funded university or research institution, not for me, working alone.