Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A new movie: signs of a lost twin

I have made another movie, listing the signs and indications of a twin pregnancy that resulted in the birth of a single baby.

It is based  on the slides that I have used for several presentations at various venues - the  biggest complaint I have had about this presentation is that there is too much information to absorb, so here is  a movie that can be watched again and again, until it makes sense.

Do let me know how it comes across - I always appreciate feedback.


  1. I thought the movie was wonderful. It had tons of useful information, everything was easy to understand. Thank you for providing so much help to our community that is desperately needed.

  2. I am so glad! Thanks for the comment. I use this kind of material as a powerpoint slide series when I do a presentation or talk about womb twin survivors. It does seem to be information that is hard to get hold of. Not sure why. It was easy enough to find once I started looking! I suppose it's a matter of knowing where to look.