Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Womb twin survivors in multimedia and poetry. The vanishing twin.

The concept of the vanishing twin is so subtle and extraordinary that it requires extraordinary measures to express it. Here is one example - it's strange, but stay with it and let it speak to you.

How would you express your feelings about your twin if you had the skills to do it?  People make art, sculptures, poetry.

Here is a poem...

Old Wounds


I wear my heart beneath my sleeve. I may lift my sleeve and show my scars.

One day, when I get to know you. I may decide to share my pain.

I wear my heart around my neck for all to see

Yet it is hidden just beneath the neckline.

Do not dare to enquire why my heart is broken, for I do not know.

It seems to be an ancient wound that lies deep inside my mind;

It lies in the pain of others handed down to me.

It is the pain of love known and lost.

Oh how gladly I accept the pain! I am a vessel for the pain of the world;

I bleed for you, for many and for the pain I feel within me and without you.

What blessed touch can stop this wound from leaching life away from me?

How may I staunch the flow and let the scab begin to form?

Only hope and complete surrender to the pain of simply being;

Only love and self-forgiveness poured into a well of wounds;

Only time and rest and the company of angels.

Only silence and the power of soft tranquility

Only simple faith that healing can come - will come.

And in my heart all things will come to good.

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