Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A healing path (2) Living the Dream: food

From the beginning of this work,  it became clear that womb twin survivors have a problem with food.

I certainly did, and to a certain extent I still do.  I have three of the eight signs of a food problem and many womb twin survivors seem to show these signs too:

1) overweight
2) eat too much
3) always trying to lose weight but not successful for very long
4) food intolerance

The others are:

1) anorexia
2) bulimia
3) morbid obesity
4) binge eating disorder

The root cause is ADDICTION to food. (See my blog about this)

And I have some answers here.....

Addiction to certain food ingredients, not every single food ingredient. Its a very specific thing.

Wheat, sugar, cow's milk and potato - those are the favourite food fixes

This is the book

And this is why I wrote it:

I want to know more about how food problems may be related to  being a womb twin survivor, so if you have a food problem please let me know.  There is a special new questionnaire about it, so I can gather some useful data.

This is the questionnaire
Here is what one food addict said;
I came across your web site whilst browsing about food addiction as a subject. I have tried to control my impulses from the earliest age I can think of regards my overeating. If my memory serves me correctly I would be around 5 years of age when I noticed it.

I know that my eating habits are killing me and I suppose deep down that's what I am hoping for :- to die in a manner that nobody would class as suicide, as this way of eating and being makes me so ill .

On the other side of the coin I feel guilty that I am not strong enough to resist these impulses. I get cross with myself, because people who know me think I am a strong, confident outgoing person who can cope with anything and is good to be around. The sad part to this is most of the time I am strong, until a dark cloud settles and the duration can be weeks and even months to it lifting. During this time I close off, and want to be alone and see people as little as possible.

I wonder if there is any effective treatment out there, because I know now that I can not go on like this. I want to live properly but don't know where to turn for help and assistance. I have had blood and allergy tests done before and the foods I binge on are the foods that I am intolerant or allergic to. For a time I can seem to clear my system out of these foods and feel better but I always go back.

I have always wanted to leave the planet and found it a strange place to be in. I have tried many, many times to alter my destructive patterns that have formulated what I have become, but to no avail and basically have decided that even though I do not like being here, I just do my best, but it is not working anymore.........
It soon became clear that she is a womb twin survivor, and so her healing path began......

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  1. i know my post is a little off topic...but could it be that the expression "i don´t like to be here [on earth]" or "i wanna go home" is typical for wombtwin survivors?
    because that touched me in the food addict report and that´s the way i felt all my life...