Sunday, November 27, 2011

A healing path (5) no worst : imprisoned

Womb twin survivors live their lives caught up in their un-remembered memories, to the extent that they feel driven towards certain ways of feelings thinking and doing. They often feel trapped, or imprisoned, as if they have no choice but to do things a certain way, feel a certain way about this or think in a certain way.  In extreme cases this sensation of being driven is called a " compulsion".

These "musts and shoulds" are not a good idea. They are imprisoning and limiting to your creativity and adaptability. Rigidity and inflexibility are Beta twin qualities.

The fear of freedom is such that we prefer to imagine we have no choices in life. We can choose whether to live or die, to breathe or not to breathe. We can choose not to accept that we cant change everything. Likewise we can choose not to know the difference between what we can choose and what we cannot. We can choose never to make any choices.

All the choices are there all the time

What does that make you feel? Do you immediately think of lots of choices you cant make? Or do you realise how open the world is to you and how ready it is for you to come along and change it?

What do you think about apathetic, weak, irresponsible people? Are you one?

You can choose exactly what kind of a person you can be. If there is any part of you that you hate, you can change that part into something lovable.

How do we do this?

1 Be aware of your actions and moods responses and feelings at all times.

2 Check that what you did was by choice or compulsion: what do you say to yourself in your compulsion? What is your favourite excuse? " I didn't know what I was doing"? Cop- out. Don't kid me: you knew exactly what you were doing. It's the reasons WHY we do what we do that are hard to understand.

3 Work it out - What are you recycling when you go into one of your "musts" or had an " I just couldn't help it" trip?

4 Choose now do what you always do in your favourite compulsion but this time CHOOSE and be absolutely aware. Choose to smoke a cigarette, choose to eat a chocolate bar; choose to waste the housekeeping money on a flutter on the horses. Be aware that when all turned bad you did it. you made it all happen. You brought this on yourself. Its all your responsibility.

5 Choose to change
Now understand that you can use your power either to maintain compulsions or to break them. Its your power: your choice.

All the choices are there all the time, so choose now! 

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