Friday, November 18, 2011

A healing path (2) How do YOU live out your Dream of the Womb?

Are you beginning to see how you live out your Dream of the Womb?  In the Dream is a muddled set of vague details, all mixed together and confused.  Just like a Jackson Pollack painting. ( See left)

In the Dream your twin is dead and gone, yet is still there beside you. In the Dream you are both the Alpha survivor and your own Beta twin. There are sights and sounds, sensations and smells, all in a mess that needs to be unravelled if you are to make sense of the Dream.

Somewhere in the mess is your womb story. You are not crazy or  neurotic, you are simply trying to get your head around something that has haunted you all your life.  You will continue to live in inner chaos until that happens.

So how do you live out your Dream?

Here are some pointers:

Your sense of self
  • Do you live the life of your own beta twin? 
  • Do you live two lives at once?
  • Do you have two very different sides to your character
Your relationship with others
  • Do you want to merge with others?
  • Do you avoid all intimacy? 
  • Do you look for sisters or brothers, rather than friends or lovers?
Your inner pain
  • Does it hurt you to be alive?
  • Do you hurt inside but you don't know why?
  • Does the pain of others hurt you?

If you would kindly share with me some part of how you live out your Dream , to help me provide stories and case studies for my new book A Healing Path for Womb Twin Survivors, here is a form for doing that. Thank you very much!

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