Saturday, December 31, 2011

The last of my daily blogs for 2011 - phew!

So we come to the end of a busy year for me and for Womb Twin.  Twelve months ago, I decided to post on this blog every day. The results have been amazing because I have quadrupled the number of hits I get every day, and so have reached many more people with these ideas.  I will be posting twice weekly from now on, but there are many more adventures  for us to share, so do tag along in 2012.

Thank you so much for following this blog!

Lots happening.  For example, I was sent this link yesterday
Abortions to reduce multiple births on the rise
More than 100 unborn babies were aborted last year by women expecting twins, triplets or even quintuplets but who wanted to give birth to fewer children, official figures disclosed to The Telegraph show.
There were loads of comments, but they were all about the abortion issue. They had managed to miss the point completely, in my view.

So I made this comment.
This discussion has missed the main point here: this is not just an abortion argument, but introduces a wider issue. When a multiple pregnancy of more than three babies is reduced to triplets, twins or perhaps only one baby, the survivors will be affected, both physically and psychologically. No studies of any kind have been done to establish what the psychological effects may be on the survivor(s) of MFPR.  I know that the natural loss of a co-twin or multiple before birth does leave a profound psychological effect on the womb twin survivor.  I have  carried out a ten-year research study involving over 800 womb twin survivors (whose twin sibling(s) died naturally, although in a few  cases the twin was aborted)  and the results are now clear: there are profound psychological effects, the most alarming of which is suicidal ideation, even among children.  The answer of course is to reduce the number of multiple pregnancies,  but prospective parents are so desperate for a child that they are prepared to take enormous risks, for  both mother and  any baby.  Meanwhile, there is a cohort of children who are the survivors of MFPR. This could be a mental-health time bomb, just waiting to go off, but no one wants to know.
I wonder - what you think? 

I wish you all a Happy New Year !

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