Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Womb Twin Day message to all womb twin survivors

Today on the feast of St Thomas,  we remember and honour our womb twins.

As the winter solstice comes and goes, we pass from the darkness of winter into the light and warmth of summer.

Here is my prayer for you on this Womb Twin day:
May your healing continue from day to day as you  grow to wholeness
May the memory of your womb twin be an inspiration and a delight
May friends come to be with you in unexpected ways to support you
May deeper understanding flourish in your heart
Here are some suggestions as to how you may wish to celebrate womb twin day:
  1. Light a candle for your womb twin and say their name aloud
  2. Take a walk and share the beauty of the world with your womb twin
  3. If you have not yet done so, make a start on the pathway to healing
  4. Make a memorial for your twin on the womb twin site
  5. Make a donation to the Womb Twin Fund in memory of your twin
  6. Find a friend and simply enjoy their company.
  7. Feel the Alpha energy in you and give thanks for simply being alive.
Do leave a comment and tell me how Womb Twin Day was for you.

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