Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Healing a difficult relationship with mother

This post made by Linda, on the Womb Twin Canada blog. 
During the month since I last posted I have been able to read through two of Althea Hayton's books; A Silent Cry and Womb twin Survivors, and I have finally completed the 30 healing steps in her e-book.
My turning point came on January 7 when I realized what the issues I had with my mother meant - I had assigned her the role of filling the relationship gap left by (Sam and Jack) my wombmates!! What a freeing realization; our relationship was painful because I expected her to fill needs that she could not fill. She did love me; she did take care of me. My resentment lifted, Mom has been gone 20 years. 
Quoting Althea:  I realized "the letting go of a specific form of relationship that has always seemed to be required in order for you to feel whole and live life to the full." I can now "reclaim all my psychological space; I can use my talents in the mainstream of life." the wonderful last chapter put it all together for me. 

I am now charting new territory; rapidly learning to recognize weak BETA responses and replace them with ALPHA power, my own. It is exhilarating and frightening at the same time. Adventures ahead!
Thank you, Linda.  As a result of the wonderful reviews this book has received, more and more people are making the journey through this book, which begins with detailed biological descriptions of twinning and the death of a twin, and ends with  an exploration of healing.

If you have not yet considered getting this book, take a look at the description and the reviews.  Here is what I have to say:

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