Sunday, January 15, 2012

Transgender : becoming your opposite sex twin?

This series of programmes about seven transgender people on Channel 4 has sparked an interesting debate.

No one knows why people want to change sex, but the Womb Twin Project seems to suggest that when opposite-sex twins develop in the womb and one dies before birth, the survivor may carry some of the opposite sex hormone that was once their twin's. Watch this and see what you think:

I am preparing some diagrams to explain this clearly, ready for my new book " A Healing Path for Womb Twin Survivors."

Let me know what you think of this idea. Does the transfer of hormones between dizygotic twins in the womb - which we know can happen - help to explain why people want to change sex?


  1. I never really wanted a sex change, but did wish I was male. While I always suspected I was a twin, it wasn't until this past summer that my gut feeling was confirmed - and that my twin was male. I do believe that exposure to my brother's hormones in the womb has impacted me - not just knowing I was a lesbian early in life, but in my personality and choices in my life as well. Oftentimes I wish he had survived because I still think being male is easier in this day and age. Do I want to change my sex? Not any longer, as I feel stronger and more whole in who I am - and knowing my brother is also contributing to my life, makes living as a female, fine with me!

  2. I wrote a paper about this subject this week.
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