Sunday, February 05, 2012

Elvis, a womb twin survivor with a dream

The sheer energy and desperation of Elvis, a womb twin survivor whose twin was dead at birth, is overwhelming. He lived for two, riven by guilt at being alive - how could he make his life meaningful?

Elvis had such incredible energy, that he wanted only to spread his energy about him - he would have made a good preacher, but maybe that is what he did in the course of his work in the music industry.

I am just sorry that he didn't have access to the wonderful healing therapies that exist today, he would be almost 80 years old now, but with a real understanding of how he could heal of this primal wound, he may have been still with us, and may have found some peace of mind at last.

Rest in peace, Elvis. You gave us so much, but it hurt you so deeply to give it so generously. We loved you.

If you feel that you should not be here, that it hurts you to be alive, come and join us and together we can heal this lifelong wound....

Try this healing path in 30 steps, for a start. Its a PDF ebook, available to download now.

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