Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Lone Twin network on TV!

After many years, the Lone Twin Network now has a web site, and there is a movie on the web site of a TV programme about them.  Well worth watching. 

They have members who lost their twins at birth, but womb twin survivors are refereed to Womb Twin. They meet at various times of the year and share experiences.

Here is an interview worth listening to. David Elvy, whose twin died at birth and who is married to a twin himself,  suggests that parents should be honest with their sole surviving twins and not sweep the whole things aside. Well said, David!

This is their web site. There are some interesting stories. It's a nice idea, just meeting up with other lone twins for a chat over a cup of tea. maybe we should have meetings for womb twin survivors  in the same way. 

About Us

The Lone Twin Network is a support group run by and for lone twins, whose loss has occurred at or around birth, in childhood or during adulthood. Through twice yearly meetings and personal contact, we aim to offer a friendly and comfortable environment in which to talk openly and honestly about how it feels to be without your twin. You will find there is a wide variety of experiences and circumstances of loss within the members of the group - please remember, you are not alone. As we come to know each other through the meetings and network list, we will find mutual support. Some may wish to examine ways of increasing awareness of this profound and unique loss, so that those affected - both lone twins and those related to them - will be able to cope more easily and with greater understanding. We endeavour to help ease the pain of loss and loneliness that we all feel in some way, during our journey through this particular grief.
The feelings they describe - something missing, a feeling of intense loneliness - is exactly what womb twin survivors feel.  It doesnt seem to matter much when your twin died, the feelings are much the same.

If you are a womb twin survivor and you live in the UK and want to meet other lone twins, do go to one of their meetings - but only if your twin was stillborn or died close to birth.


  1. I absolutely loved this! I seek out other twins' stories about how they feel losing their brother or sister, whether it is before, during, or after their birth. It is very interesting that we all seem to share the same feelings of intense sadness, anxiety, and searching for somebody, no matter at what stage we lost our twins.

  2. My twin sister died after 2 days while I survived. It is such a relief to hear a descrpition of the feelings I have had all through my life. Now I know how other twin survivors feel, it helps me. Now I will try to accept my feelings as normal. Thank you.