Thursday, March 01, 2012

This is a lovely film about a lone twin.

Filmmaker Discusses Loss and Love in Lone Twin

On Wednesday February 15 at 9pm ET, TVO presents the world broadcast premiere of Lone Twin, a TVO-commissioned documentary by Anna Van der Wee. The film takes viewers on a personal journey as Van der Wee examines her life and loves as a surviving twin after the loss of her brother. She meets with other twins and experts in the field of twin studies to try to understand the innate bond between twin siblings.
The process of making the film proved a cathartic experience for Van der Wee in dealing with the loss of her brother, Dirk.  By interviewing other twins and exploring the unique bond that develops prior to birth, Van der Wee is able to articulate the unspoken connection of twins, one of the most enduring and intimate social relationships known to mankind, and along the way make sense of her personal situation.
Van der Wee explains, “I had been somewhat aware that I was going through life carrying a weight. My romantic relationships didn't last because somehow they didn't give me what I was looking for. The only couple relationship I had known was my twin couple, unconditional and self-evident…. I had to come to grips with the void my brother had left that I hadn't found a place for.”
If the loss of a loved one is a painful process to go through, the loss of a twin sibling is a profound emotional experience that alters one’s self-identity. Van der Wee suffered an intense sense of loss and, without realizing it, had misplaced grief for decades afterward. She explains, “Twin death is a very complicated loss. It’s like losing a limb. Being a twin is part of your identity. You have no memory of anything else except being a twin. Twin death is like a phantom pain. It’s very difficult to explain, hence the need to make this film.”
Lone Twin airs exclusively on the Doc Studio iPad App, from February 1-12. It will have its world broadcast premiere on TVO on Wednesday February 15 at 9 pm ET and then be available for online viewing at TVO Doc Studio. You can also read a full interview with Anna Van der Wee at Doc Studio, our online platform for Canadian documentary filmmakers, in-development projects and online mentoring.

Who is going to make a movie about womb twin survivors? I dont know anyone who is doing that - maybe one day!

Are you a movie maker? If you want to make a movie or a TV programme I have LOADS of good material!

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