Saturday, March 17, 2012

The vanishing twin on "The gifted man" - did they get it right?

"This is something rare, it's a chimera,"  says the surgeon as he removes a tumour form a man's brain. Is that  correct? This was a teratoma in fact.  I suppose its best not to criticise, at least the subject was aired.

But the dramatic scenes of the womb twin  survivor after the twin was removed, with a voice in his head screaming at him, were not helpful for the 700,000,000 womb twin survivors out there in the world who are worried about being considered crazy.  

It has to be dramatic when its a drama, but a bit more lighthearted next time please, more healing - like the surviving twin understanding at last what was wrong and feeling a whole lot better about it all in the end.

Here is a snippet....

Just take a look at the stories on the womb twin web site and that will give you the true picture.

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