Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Womb twin story: four little tales

1) I don't know if I am ... but it is looking very likely. I'm scared.

2) My twin brother died at birth and I was always searching for something as a little girl. I didn't know until I got older that I probably was looking for him.  I think my life would have been more joyful, and I believe I would have been a different person had he been in it.  I've always missed him, especially on our birthday.   Losing a twin is like losing a part of me, and I've always thought, the best part of me.

3) I found out I was a twin at age 21. I  grew up knowing something was missing. After birth I developed asthma and spent most my early years in hospitals and oxygen tents. I grew out of asthma around 10 years old.  I'm 34 now and really I guess missing or curious about my twin - was it a boy or a girl? Not sure what else to say.

4) I recently started counseling for childhood abuse that I felt I had not dealt with, but through this, I have started a journey towards finding out if I am a womb twin survivor.

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