Monday, April 16, 2012

Womb twin story: I am not supposed to be here

I was born as part of identical twins, and i am the only survivor.  My twin Rebecca passed away almost immediately after my mother gave birth.  We were born at 24 weeks and I was born 1 pound and she was just under a pound. My whole life I feel like I've missed something, or something should be there but its not.

I always try to keep in touch with my inner self and I tend to think about things that someone normally wouldn't.  It's hard to explain. Ive had dreams of meeting my twin and things we would do together. I just recently went to my first year of college and I failed the course due to lack of trying. I feel somehow as if I'm not supposed to be here.

I feel like i have a connection with the other side. Its also hard to explain that, its kind of like I'm open to anything and I have dreamed of future things in the past that have come to reality now. I think I'm psychic, I really do, I have a feeling when bad things are going to happen but I dont know what. Last year my younger sister and I went out skating with my boyfriend and I said before we even went that something bad was going to happen and I could feel it.  Then within two minutes my sister fell through the ice and my boyfriend pulled her out.

I always get this weird floaty feeling and that's when I feel open. I feel like I have lived and died many times before.


  1. I am so sorry for the loss of your twin sister.I know how painful it is.But there are some positive experiences to gain from all of this. First of all, you mention that you just attended your first year of college. I am assuming you are very young, which means that you will get a better understanding of all this much earlier in life than a lot of other people do. You already have a lot of insight into yourself, like you believe you are psychic. Most of us as survivors are psychic, due to the loss of the closest person in the world. There is and will forever be a portal of sorts between us and the other side where our twins crossed over. But I believe they never cross over entirely..they are with us in spirit! You will always sense Rebecca's presence, for she is by your side, looking out for you and loving you. She is aware of everything you are going through and the maelstrom of feelings you have, the confusion and the sadness. It will all start to turn around. Knowledge is power! Self-awareness is the greatest power of all! Read up on eveything you can on the subject, there is more information than ever before. Celebrate your twinship! It will never dissolve. Rebecca is and always will be your twin. Sending love and best wishes for finding peace and joy.

  2. iknow exactly how you feel i an 18 and adopted and i just found out that i had a twin brother that died a month before my birth which was 4 months early. ever since i have realized why i have been sad and i longfor him everyday.everytime i do something ithink would he have liked doing this too? it is verry difficult. i also realized thati look at every baby and now i realize i look for i know whatyou mean by you feel you have died many times, i feel the same thati am extreamly old and that i have lived many lifetimes in only my 18 years.