Monday, April 23, 2012

Womb twin story: I like pairs

My mother won't tell me much about her pregnancy with me in the first place, but she did tell me she had light bleeding (she doesn't remember when) which the doctor said was spotting and he told her she needed to rest more. Thus a part from me always having a strong feeling that I might have had a twin, I really have no physical evidence that I started out as one.

I was reading things on the site, and one of the things which struck me was womb twin survivors liking pairs. I have no idea why, but my favourite number has always been two and I usually find myself getting two of most things.  I honestly have no idea why.

I also know that ever since I was little I've always been extremely jealous of twins. One might say that it was because other people were intrigued with them, but I know it was because it was two of them and only one of me.  I know that if I did have a twin, then she would have been female and identical. I'm tired of feeling crazy, since I have no physical proof.

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