Saturday, May 12, 2012

Anorexia and the vanished twin


This post is about a book.
From the Amazon web site:
"Amy Phillips kept a diary throughout her illness that lasted for five years. Her entries are frank, and due to the nature of her illness confused and often contradictory. She believed that she was anorexic, and suffered frightening weight loss and unbearable depression, lightened occasionally by moments of relief and distraction. At times her diary entries are dark and desperate, but she always hoped that there would be an end to her pain and fear.

After hospitalisation and much treatment, it was eventually discovered that Amy's illness was a result of food allergies and intolerances, and her recovery is also recorded in these diaries. Amy started her diaries in 1993, never meaning them to be read by anyone else. They continued through her illness, eventual diagnosis and recovery. She decided to share her diaries and have them published in order to try and help others who are or who have been in similar situations. She is open and honest about her feelings, her depression and her anorexia. These diaries provide an insightful and honest record of illness and recovery. They will be of interest to teenagers, parents, and health professionals such as dieticians and general practitioners, and anyone who is involved in the education and welfare of young people."
Yes, food intolerances have wrecked her life, but but look at what she said in her book!  If this is not a womb twin survivor speaking, I would be very surprised.
After stuffing myself I still feel hollow and empty inside. For the first time I realise exactly what this feelings is. Pure loneliness. I hate this. I really do need someone to share experiences with. I cant keep trying to fill the gap with food which I think is basically what I have been doing. Nurturing myself. Its time to face up to the fact that I would love to have somebody there for me so I can feel, experience, love.  [Phillips, A., Enveloped, Pentland Press p 45]
Amy, if you are reading this, let's talk.  I am sure that there is more to your story of a waking nightmare than just food intolerance.

If you are anorexic, take a look at the questionnaire and see if there are any physical or psychological signs that you are a womb twin survivor. If so, I can help. Just ask.

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