Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Her twin was her guardian angel!

This article struck me.

Twin saved her sister's life in the womb after mother was told losing both babies was 'inevitable'

At 20 weeks pregnant with twins, Andrea Goodrich was given the heartbreaking news that losing both babies seemed inevitable. Yesterday, however, she was cradling two healthy daughters after one saved the other’s life before they were born. Scans had revealed that one of the girls, Kiki, had a heart problem and fluid was leaking from the placenta.
'Guardian angel': Nico, on the right, acted as plug inside the womb, preventing a miscarriage and saving her sister Kiki's life
But miraculously her sister Nico positioned herself so low in the womb that she acted as a plug, preventing a miscarriage or an infection. ‘We truly believe she acted as her sister’s guardian angel,’ said Mrs Goodrich, 39, from Camberley, Surrey.


  1. what does that mean: fluid was leaking from the placenta? The only "fluid" can leak from the placenta is blood and stopping it from flowing would cause more problems than not. Maybe the fluid was really amnion leaking from the sac indicating the sac of either one of the babies or - in case they were monoamniotic - the one both were in had ruptured prematurely which would indeed mean a risk for a miscarriage or an infection.

    1. No doubt that was the way the doctors put it to explain it to the mother, and what the reporter made of it. I am not sure what to make of it myself. I just liked the idea of one twin saving another.

  2. Whatever it was there must have been some problem to threaten both their lives, and miracles do happen. They both look pretty healthy and happy babies. Kiki is frowning probably the Beta, and Nico looks very chuffed so must be the Alpha. I love the idea of one saving the other. Not at all impossible. Was probably an amniotic leak.