Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Walking for Womb Twin 12th May

On Saturday May 12th I will make a sponsored walk of 20kms  for Womb Twin.

Why would I do that? Why would I walk all day and probably get very wet and cold in the process in order to raise some money? (We are having the coldest May for many years.)  Well, to understand why, you have to know a bit about me.

I am as you probably know, a womb twin survivor myself. I applied for and received a Millennium award from UNLTD in 2007, which I was able to use to set up a non-profit organisation which I called WombTwin.com (Womb Twin), which I hope one day to make into a charity.

I am the Chairman at the moment while we are very small, but we will soon grow, I am sure of it, and then I can retire!  We now have over 20 members in the UK and Europe, and over 100 associates from all around the world.

[Find out about  how to become a member or an associate]

Two years ago we had a rather smaller conference than we should, which left us short of money.  Last year's was very successful but still not a great money-raiser. This year we decided to go for broke and move to London. The hall is already booked and bookings are starting to come in, and we are feeling very positive about this one, but the outcome remains to be seen......[see here]

But now our thoughts are on 2013. There are several people in the USA who have done wonderful work with womb twin survivors. We want to have the funds to invite one of them to come to our conference in London, November 2013.  That is why I am walking for Womb Twin. I am determined that Womb twin will grow from strength to strength, and extra funds will help us to grow.

Would you consider making a small pledge today?  Thank you very much!  As I trudge the muddy paths of Sussex next Saturday, it will help so much to feel your support along the way.....!!

(It doesn't matter what country you live in, there are all kinds of ways to get your sponsorship payment safely to us once the walk is done.)


  1. I will be thinking of you on the 12th May, and wish I could be there to cheer you all the way and join in the walk, but SA is a bit far. The 12th May is a special day for me as my own twins turn 41yrs old. Although I will not be there in body, will be with you in spirit. Will have to start saving for that 2013 conference.

  2. Did the walk, wonderful weather, stunning scenery! No problems. We will have raised about £600 in the end once I have collected the money. Not as much as we needed, but a good result and a lovely day!