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A deeper look at the vanishing twin syndrome

This is what one article ( for NET practitioners) made of being a womb twin survivor -

Taking a deeper look at the vanishing twin syndrome

Taking a Deeper Look at the Vanishing Twin Syndrome
Teshna Beaulieu, DC
Certified NET Practitioner
7 Maple Ave.
Philmont, NY 12565
Subject Covered by the Article:
So many people have been affected by the loss of a Vanishing Twin. I have identified several categories describing the modus operandi of VTS survivors which can help someone clear all the ramifications caused by the trauma of losing a loved one so early in the human experience.
Many times I have found that people have had the VTS come up in NET sessions relating to one or more of the aspects described below. However, I found that many aspects have3 not come up yet even though they may be affecting the person’s life. This is a way of exploring these aspects on purpose and clearing them independently of any other topic.
Summary of the NET Procedure:
This is a procedure containing many steps found useful to help a person feel better about themselves, freer to be who they are and have their needs met without fear of terrible consequences to themselves or others. Feeling good about oneself is so important and so many people are suffering from low self-esteem. I found that it all goes back to the VTS for many patients.

The addendum provides a list of all the Categories I have identified so far. You probably will come up with others. To help people zero in quicker on what kind of beliefs might be there, I included an exhaustive list of unwanted beliefs about life for each Category. A very effective way to state these personal declaratives (PD) is the following:
“I can let go of the belief that life means being a …”
You can also use this approach for anyone who would like to fine tune their beliefs about life, love, or improve the relationship they are in by clearing one or both partners.
You will need to use a few techniques presented at previous Eagles such as the one I presented, “Getting to the Heart of the Artichoke” (Teshna Beaulieu, DC, Eagles 2002). This is where you have the person rate themselves from 0 (no stress) to 10 (extreme stress) on how upsetting the issue is. Let’s say it is a “10”. Test them on: “I am OK with…(whatever the issue is)”. Do NET as usual. Once processed, rate it again. If they say “6” ask them what the “6” is about. What aspect of the issue comes up. Whatever they say you use it to go in again and do NET as usual. Repeat the process until they rate the issue at zero.
Another technique that will save you a lot of time is the one I presented in 2003 on page 12; “A Time Saving Tip to Uncover and Clear all the Active Emotions within the Involved Meridian of an NEC”. This is where once you found which MAP is involved in the usual NET protocol you test all the emotions on that MAP to find all the ones that apply. Then while the person is holding the MAP, the emotional points and thinking of the original snap shot you say each one of the emotions out loud for them to clear one after the other or all at once. You may have to say them a few times as they breathe them out to help them remain focused on all of them.
Whatever your beliefs are about life will determine what and who you attract in your life, and what and who you are attracted to. This is an approach designed to help someone stop attracting in their life the repetition of their womb experience and start attracting exactly what they want instead. Have fun!
Actual Clinical Case and Results Using This Procedure:
A man had been in an abusive relationship after another for years and would find an excuse for every abuse his mate was doing. We knew he had a Vanishing Twin (VT) from previous NET sessions. We tested him for “I can let go of the belief that love/life means being a doormat.” He went weak on that and we found the Kidney MAP negated the weakness. We found the emotions of fear, dread, paralyzed will, and impending doom. The original time went back to when he was 3 months in utero. He felt that standing up for himself had caused the twin to vanish. He had never been able to stand up for himself since, putting up with anything just to make sure people would not vanish out of his life. He rated himself at a 7 after clearing the first MAP. What came up for him was being terrified of being alone. He went weak on that thought and we found the Adrenal MAP to negate that weakness. The emotions of paranoia, can’t figure it out, muddled thinking, muddled instability, and emotional instability were present. We went back to the womb again for the original time. He felt that standing up for himself had resulted in ending up all alone and terrified that “something” bad might happen to him too. After that he rated himself a 4. What came up was feeling hopeless when alone. The Pancreas MAP negated that and the emotions of lack of control over events, hopeless, despair, nervous, stifled, worry, and over-concerned tested weak. Again we went back to the womb for an original event. After clearing that one he rated himself at a zero. After that session, he found he could stand up for himself with his current mate without fear that she would leave him and even considering leaving her if she persisted in being abusive. He could hardly believe he was the same person.

Step by Step:
You can use this procedure with anyone who had a VT.
  1. Have the patient say: “I can let go of the belief that life means being a doormat.” As an example, if they go weak find which MAP negates it and proceed as usual with NET protocol
  2. Using a scale of 0-10, have patient now evaluate their stress when thinking about the word doormat or about whatever was uncovered in the first step. Then ask them what comes up when they think about it. Clear what it is as described in my paper of “Getting to the Heart of the Artichoke” (Teshna Beaulieu, DC, Eagles 2002) until they rate themselves at a zero.
  3. Test the patient with the opposite statement. For example, “I can allow myself to believe that life means standing up for myself.”
  4. You can also test the person saying, “I can let go of the belief that love means being a doormat.” As an example, if they go weak, find which MAP negates it and proceed as usual with NET protocol. Test: “I can allow the person I love to stay with me even when I stand up for myself”, “I can feel loved by someone who stays with me when I stand up for myself”, and “I can love someone who stays with me when I stand up for myself.” For more details refer to my paper “Mending a Broken Heart and Manifesting the Relationship of Your Dreams” (Teshna Beaulieu, DC, Eagles 2005).
  5. Test the suggested PDs for that category using the same method as above.
  6. Test each one of the categories the same way.

Ever had NET yourself? What was it like? Did it help?  

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  1. What a pile of rubbish

  2. Strange to say, NET does work. Not sure why. There are many therapies that work for womb twin survivors, but still we don't know why. Until we have a definitive therapy for helping womb twin survivors to heal, we must continue to explore and keep an open mind.......