Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Scott Hall the wrestler - womb twin survivor?

Is this a womb twin survivor?

Narcissism, self  abuse, self sabotage and lots of stuff about DEATH and self - inflicted misery.

Sounds like a womb twin survivor to me.  He was HUGE as the BAD GUY at one time, now he is NOTHING and he is gradually disintegrating into  a kind of torpor, and only drugs  can help.

Clearly, he is a gentle, soft-hearted person, deep inside. He is hurting.

Scott - if you are reading this - take another look at your life. If you are a womb twin survivor it may explain a whole lot. Walk the healing path and it may save your relationship with your wife and your son, before you die long before your time, just like your lost twin.

Described on this web site:
Watching this was very difficult as a lifelong wrestling fan that knows the pitfalls of the business. It exposes the seedy underbelly of the world of professional wrestling, which is full of scumbag promoters who have no problem using a pilled up, beaten old man just to make a dime.

That said, ESPN was fair in presenting both sides of the argument. They don't use this piece as a way to blast pro wrestling for exploiting a man throughout his slow descent into madness but rather, they paint a picture of a deeply troubled soul who fell prey to far too many vices.

Life in the spotlight combined with living on the road and working in an industry that taxes the body on a nightly basis led Scott Hall to a life that has ultimately resulted in his taking up to 11 different medications a day just to get by.

My heart breaks for you Scott, and the many hundred of others like you, who hurt themselves without knowing why...... the "demons" that haunt them may have a real basis.

I wish more people would listen, but all I can do is go on writing blogs like this in the hope that for every post just ONE person may realise what they have been doing to themselves - and why.

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