Sunday, July 15, 2012

Focus on hoarders (2) Do womb twin survivors hoard food?

Hoarding has something to do with loss and  the need to hang on.

Watch Dr Phil  talking to a hoarder and her family.

The hoarder can't let go of things with connection to people who have died. They end up alone in a crowded, toxic environment. Is this their Dream of the Womb realised?

 I am SURE this  is a prenatal thing.  Please help me by leaving a comment.


  1. I am sure this is a prenatal thing, too. The odd thing is that most extreme hoarders are usually in their 50's and older (that's what the doctor on your previous blog said about the hoarder's profile) and I wonder what set them off in their 5th decade of life to excessively hoard, when obviously there has been a problem since the very beginning of life. I wonder if there has been any background studies done to see what these people did in their early childhood, teens, 20's, etc. I'm sure there were problems then, just a different sort of problem, and their parents may have looked away because they were embarrassed.

  2. I agree this could be prenatal as well. Do think perhaps with these people being in their 50's, it could've been onset by a death? A child, spouse, parent? It would set the person back into the mindset that everyone leaves. Just a thought....

  3. Sounds like a pretty alpha type of person. Every time somebody tries to clean she gets upset and then they stop. I do think it is a prenatal thing, because she does it without knowing why and doesn't even see it. It's not so much the stuff that she wants to hold on to, but something it represents.