Friday, July 13, 2012

Focus on hoarding (1) do womb twin survivors hoard stuff?

The next few posts will focus on a common problem for womb twin survivors - compulsive hoarding. When I began research into the psychology of womb twin survivors, I new nothing whatever about hoarding.  Then I met Alan, who is an extreme hoarder and I began to wonder about this and if this was a womb twin survivor thing.   I had no idea at that time what I was getting into!

So as an experiment I put into the questionnaire the following statement: "There is one or more rooms in my home ( including a shed or  garage) that is completely full of stuff. "  The results were astonishing - almost HALF of the respondents gave the strongest  possible agreement to this statement.

So I know I was on to something, but the mystery remains as to exactly why womb twin survivors hoard.  So over the next few blogs I'm am going to explore this and I hope you will help.

Here is Randy Frost, hoarding expert,  to get us started. 

If you have a hoarding problem and you are a womb twin survivor, do let me know and maybe share your story with me.

I would like to collect a hoard of 20 or more stories about hoarders and publish them as a book, for the sake of all those hoarders out there who think they are the only people in the world with this problem.

Do you have an idea for a title for such a book?  Do share it here!

All comments welcomed.

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  1. I am not a hoarder like those people on TV who hoard garbage and can't move in their homes, but I have always had a tendency to not let go of things, seemingly meaningless (to other people) but if I misplaced them or my mother threw them out, I would get extremely upset and then a massive sadness and depression would set in, and this horrible feeling of loss would shroud me (wonder where THAT came from) but over the last couple of years, since discovering I am a survivor, it all makes sense and I am able to let go a little more. I still have a huge collection of baby dolls that I look after and wash their clothes, bathe them, etc. They're not going anywhere, but I have become more rational with other items.