Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Free ebook! A healing path

Just to let you know that,  to celebrate the 100,000th hit on this blog, (!)  I have made the ebook "A Healing Path" which has been on sale since 2005, into a FREE  PDF download.

The cover image

To get yours, just use the form in the sidebar of this page.

The healing pathway is still much as it was when I wrote this over the winter of 2004,  and the new healing book is based on a similar structure of 30 steps, but with the much deeper understanding that the subsequent 9 years of research have brought me.

The new Healing Path paperback will be published in November.

It will be launched at the Womb Twin conference on Saturday 17th. 

Will you be there to get your signed copy?  Do come if you can, it should be a great day!  London these  days, especially now in Olympic year, is a great place to visit!


  1. Hi,

    I think it's very kind of you to offer your work freely in this way. I've read through a few pages so far, and I'm astonished as to how I can relate to so much.

    Some of the work comes from the viewpoint of MZ and DZ twins arising from separate processes (single vs double ovulation respectively). I understand, that this is the model that has stood the test of time, and is very well known.
    However, I was wondering if you're aware of the work of Charles Boklage? His research as an embryologist over the past 30+ years calls double ovulation into question entirely, and with very good reason. As is, there's no evidence of double ovulation ever occurring in people, and it's always been a hypothesis. There are many reasons to suggest MZ and DZ twins are both from single ovulation events.

    I don't mean to seem to call your work into question. Far from it. I was just wondering if you're familiar with his work, and if so, what you make of it. Furthermore, it would be interesting to see how this rationale could fit into the model of how single twins of either zygosity see themselves.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I discovered the work of Charles Boklage early on in my research and what he has found is truly remarkable. I like to keep an open mind about other research, because nothing says I've got it all exactly right.

      Psychologically, there seems to be three distinct groups - fraternal identical and multiple. I have found the three groups to be very different in their responses to the questionnaire and this was clear in the first year of my research, as early as 2003/4.

      I would love to talk to Dr Boklage about this and one day I may be able to, for Womb Twin intends to invite him to one of their London Conferences as soon as funds allow. If we can persuade him to come, I am sure he will be fascinating to hear as he has all kinds of theories about twins and twinning!

    2. I think he'd be very interested in your work. He mentions those who've notions of having had a twin with no 'proof' as such- also those who later found out for sure. I think he described it as somewhere between 'miracle and mystery'.

      It makes sense to me that a developing embryo would somehow miss the movement of their twin, and that could be carried forward into childhood, and adulthood. I'm just glad I found all this out at this stage of my life (I'm in my early 30's).

  2. I tried to download the free e-books a few times but it just ain't working, could you please sent them to me at ?
    Thanks a lot in advance and kind regards,