Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Womb Twin on Boo - Come with me, sole survivor

Come with me, sole survivor
Come to where the healing lies amidst the pain
Come to the darkest place where a tiny light shines
Come with a million others who search for the one
Who will heal the screaming emptiness inside

Bring a taste for paradox, for the healing comes through pain
and in your loneliness you will find a new friend once again

Bring the worst that ever was - your Black hole will give
the hardest lesson in how you could live

Bring your non-existent, vacant self that mirrors cannot see
for dissolution forms solidity

Bring that empty space of pain within your soul
and it will fill itself with hope and make you whole.

Come with me, sole survivor
I walked the same path long ago
I knew again the darkness of the womb
In pain I found the one I always missed
I learned to love him and to let him go
Into darkness came new birth
Into loneliness came the touch of friends
Into emptiness came new life
Into weakness came the power to heal
Here I am, your teacher, servant, friend
I'll walk with you until you heal and mend;
Come with me sole survivor, and we two
Will find the healing and our lives renew.
Come with me.

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