Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Healing Path for Womb twin Survivors - available from today!

My new book, the product of ten years of hard work, is available today!

You can get it

1. via Wren Publications ( no postal charges added) 

2. Any Amazon online store  ( ignore them when they say it will take 3 weeks....)

3. Any bookstore:  ISBN 9780955780851

The long-awaited sequel to "Womb Twin Survivors: the Lost twin in the Dream of the Womb".  Nearly ten years in the making and the result of intensive research, this book sets out in detail a healing path for womb twin survivors in thirty steps. This pathway to healing has been tried and tested by hundreds of womb twin survivors who used the Healing Path ebook as a guide.

A self-help book for womb twin survivors, who are the sole survivors of a twin or multiple pregnancy. Thirty steps to healing, including the background theory, practical steps and self-development exercises. Derived from hundreds of interviews with womb twin survivors over many years, a path to healing is documented in full detail, illustrated with real stories and case studies of womb twin survivors at various stages on their journey.
• Fully illustrated
• Tables, checklists and practical exercises 
Includes specific advice and help for the sole survivors of:
• A monozygotic (identical) twin pair
• A dizygotic (fraternal) twin pair
• A multiple pregnancy - triplets, quads or more.
Brings hope to the vast number of womb twin survivors on this planet. But, more than just hope, it provides practical tools to enable us to wake up from our self-defeating dream and become the strong, complete individuals we really are.
Jon, womb twin survivor, Australia.

An enlightenment to read, and to be able to recognise yourself between the words, I have been given a push into the right healing path with enough knowledge to succeed.
Dee, womb twin survivor, South Africa.

Splendid, full of light and written with a simplicity that comes from knowing something very profoundly. Althea takes her readers by the hand and leads them along their healing journey, shedding the light of understanding on each of the thirty steps. Each simple step has a solid foundation in science and research and echoes my own work in this field. Womb twin survivors can follow the footsteps of those who have already gone the same way, the first one being the author.
Maria Angster, therapist, Hungary. (Author of, “Twin stories. Lost twins in family constellation and psychotherapy")

Order your copy today!!

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