Sunday, November 25, 2012

Eckhart Tolle - a womb twin survivor awakes?

I watched this video today after the weekend of the conference where we carried out some family constellations.  Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now, speaks about his awakening into life and the Now.

His vocabulary in this interview is that of a womb twin survivor.

"Am I one or two?" He asked himself.

But watch this for yourself, it's a long interview but the first 10 minutes tells the whole story! Words like "Black Hole", "void", "new aliveness......"

Eckhart Tolle - you are a womb twin survivor, or I am a pink frog!!


  1. I believe that Eckhart may actually be a wombtriplet survivor. He is an incredibly introspective person. I, too, thought of myself as being in an abyss of sorts, that is what I told my psychiatrist, and the theme ran through the poetry of which I wrote copious amounts decades ago. (By the way, my psychiatrist thought it was "sad" that I felt that way, but of course could offer no really helpful info). Which goes to show that we as survivors must do our own soul searching and detective work. We are the ones who uncover the mysteries of our own existence. We need sounding boards and helpful, thoughtful listeners to help us through this process, which usually takes the better part of a lifetime. One really strange thing that happened to me recently was when my elderly mother gave me a huge envelope filled with old greeting cards that I had sent her for birthdays and Mothers Day. I had forgotten about these cards, until I read one from 1979 in which I wrote "I feel torn in half"!! Of course I felt torn in half...I was missing my identical twin.

  2. Listening of Eckhaart's description of his awakening to awareness of the tyranny of his script and the transcendental dimension is so engaging. I resonate with his comment about the 'voice within' that said 'resist not'. Such an illustration of the Spirit alive within us! It's such a wonderful sharing of what is clearly hard to put into words - a framework from which to regard thinking and emotions relative to living in a state of presence. Also his description & demonstration of normal presence vs. intense presence.

    This is so relevant to waking up from the dream of the womb and coming into fullness as the one who survived. What remains for me are key words for living grounded in the 'great liberation': AWAKE-ALERT-SORT-CHOOSE.