Monday, December 03, 2012

Womb Twin story - the B12 connection...?

I was getting more tired, weird, lacked energy. I first thought it was... I don't know, just some flu, just the little extra assignment I took, the little volounteering in layouting.. oh it must be the winter, it must be the pre spring..

 I found out my grandmother got vitamin B12 injections. I researched already a lot about ME, fibromyalgia, coeliac, anything, but I never felt i was in a place which resembled the descriptions.

I recognized a lot, but i felt like i was being a little bit of a drama queen. Turns out my B12 serum level was OK now at 26 years, but still in the grey area (239 pmol/l.  Under 150 is clearly deficient, under 350 is grey.) My vitamin D was 27, but according new research it is supposed to be at least 50 nmol/l, and best from 75 and up.

My B12 level was 201 when i was 15, because i was tired all the time back then. But i never gave up, joining the normal life.  The deficiency line is 229 for children under 19. that means the grey area is also different for children.

I then found some info on a website from a former PE who became a complementary doctor,  and the website of Margreeth Stoffers. He found out solitary twins are bound to get a B12 deficency, and the problem can recur. Did you hear of that?

It seems to me the B12 is a sort of spiritual vitamin. It is sort of the physical showing of the spiritual pain. (The minerals and vitamines are realy interesting in this matter, but also very complex.) The feeling aloof and depression and other-world feeling is also linked to B12.

Finding from Hans Rijnen is also that the B12 is not very low in the serum, but more on a cell level (via bioresonance.)

Anyway, I didn't think the vanishing twin story matched me, but then I realized it was weird - I could say yes to all the strange personality descriptions.   My mother's grandma had a boy-girl twin as first born and after she had my grandma, a girl twin.

The personality description applies to my mother also. It is still very new to me.

 Articles about womb twin survivors  on this page

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  1. Did you know that a lot of those same feelings- the weirdness, tiredness, etc. can be associated with hypo-thyroidism? That is an autoimmune disorder that is also linked to wombtwins. Also if you have those fraternal twins in your family, you could have easily been a twin.