Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Womb Twin story : grief was her first emotion in NET

Today I had an NET treatment through my chiropractor. It somehow tests my emotional and physical responses to whatever it is troubling me. The first emotion that came up was grief.

 At first, I suspected this was to do with my grandfather whom I loved and the 10 year anniversary of his death has just passed. While this was some of it, my chiropractor delved deeper and it turns out this grief starts before I was born.

While I do not know if I am a womb twin survivor, I do know my mum was on some medication that was supposed to make it difficult to conceive, I also know she experienced bleeding each month and I am left handed.

I also remember her visiting a pyschic who once told her she had a son (or maybe two) she had never met since she lost these in a miscarriage. My mum does not recall ever miscarrying, but I suspect the bleeding she experienced while pregnant with me may have been a twin that I lost.

My chiropractor was pretty convinced this was the stem of my greif and after some time to grieve, she tested me again and I had made considerable progress.

Anyway, all of this has got me thinking. The questions asked in this questionnaire seem to describe me so well that I too am convinced I am a womb twin survivor.


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  1. Join the Club, and may you me enlightened and find knowledge and assistance, and come to realize that you are not alone in this world, there are thousands of us that are only now learning how to deal with our specific 'conditions' and problems. And by reading all the books available here we eventually can 'walk the healing path'. It is not easy, but available and possible.