Monday, December 24, 2012

Womb twin story: I was adopted

I was adopted at five, so all I know about my birth are my parents' names, and the place I was born, and my birthday. That is why the first questions were left blank, because that part of my life is a huge mystery to me, and I've always wondered...

I have dreams where someone who looks like me, and thinks and talks like me, is always by my side, but I get the impression that the "other me" is completely separate while it still feels like it remains a part of me, or another half or side.

In the dream state I think it IS me, but I know it's not ME, maybe an extension or projection of myself, and in the dream sometimes the other person will at first appear to be someone I'm familiar with, and yet then they look and act nothing like how I know them in waking life, so I somehow "know" it isn't really them. In the dreams, I sometimes get the notion that it's my "higher self," but that doesn't make sense, because "higher" anything isn't usually personified like that in dreams, I don't think. But I could be wrong.

I'm not sure of this mostly because a lot had happen to me when I was very young. Like for example, I had to be taken from my biological parents because they had stop caring for me at 3 months of age. I wondered when I was young, like I was missing warmth? I don't know, my adopted parents had to constantly yell at me to stop acting. There is a lot more that happen to me and it makes this hard to figure out. I feel kind of stupid sending this but I want to know I guess.

The lost twin in the Dream of the Womb......

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