Sunday, December 30, 2012

Womb twin story: I'm less confused now

I'm a twelve year old female who's always had something wrong. This summer of 2011 I finally took it upon myself to figure out whats wrong with me because after 6 years of counseling with 5 different people, I had no success.

 I am an avid Harry Potter fan and saw your post about Fred Weasley. I took that like it was my own brother's death. It was horrible.

When I saw your article and searched the rest of your site, it all started making sense. One day in counseling I brought it up, my mum treated it like a joke. That could've crushed me like a bug.

My counselor was helpful and keeps it in mind. I used to have imaginary friend, one a male and the other a female (who I thought looked just like me).

My mum says I constantly asked if I was a twin when I was younger. I know so many twins and my jealousy goes through the roof when I'm around them. I also get very sad around them.

When I was born, I was breech and my mum had to have an emergency C-Section.

Still to this day I cannot sleep alone in the dark. I also always have to be in a "crib" like position in bed.  I'm against the wall with pillows surrounding all around me and blocking the edge of the bed.

I'm a lefty with many many physical and mental problems. Over the summer, before I saw your website, I had to go to the hospital because I was suicidal.

As I thought more about this womb twin option, it all seemed to fall into place and make sense. Im very tomboy but can be extremely girly when the time comes. I also have another side of me. I'm like 3 different people in one.

I've come to realize that if anything, I'm a triplet. I had an identical twin sister and a fraternal brother. I still feel like I cannot deal with it, but I feel less confused now that I know about this whole thing.

Help for young womb twin survivors on this site

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