Sunday, December 23, 2012

Womb twin story: therapists ignore this!

This story is from Austria:

I know, as my therapist says, from a "picture travel" under hypnosis that I had a twin when developing that then died. I saw the ear, the eye and the face. I then saw a unbelievable well-feeling white light, my therapist says that might have the moment of the dying of my twin.

After a long struggle finding help, I finally encountered a therapist specialised in the vanished-twin topic.

Nowadays I started with Yoga and Meditation and when acting out I sometimes "meet" white light which makes me feel extremely well and like something traumatic would have been solved and gone. After reading a German and then your book about womb twin survivors I encountered many behaviour patterns that I now start to face from a distinctive perspective.

This obviously started a process inside myself towards healing. I feel way better but though know, that it will take a long time still. Nonetheless it's hard to talk about this topic, as even therapists oftenly simply ignore it and refer i.e. to my additionally very traumatic childhood and adolescence due to severe mentally ill parents, both father and mother.

I don't even know why I write as much here, it somehow feels important to me and I hope that more people can be helped.

The German books

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