Saturday, December 29, 2012

Womb twin story - this goes deeper than cinical depression

I've always had somewhat of a dual-personality problem so I looked it up to make sure I was sane. I stumbled across an article about womb twin survivors and saw all the reasons how the twin could have died and how people who are survivors act.

My mom had once mentioned that she "thought" I was twins and that she bled during the first part of the pregnancy. This and an almost endless abundance of clues and connections to way I am compared to that of other survivors is practically identical.

I'm now certain I'm womb twin survivor and it explains so much about my life and personality.

Recovery from this problem I didn't even know I had two days ago would be incredible. I always thought I needed therapy, I guess the issue goes down deeper then just clinical depression, much deeper.

Find out more about your own character  as a womb twin survivor

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