Friday, December 21, 2012

Womb Twin survivors - I always knew I was a twin

I'm 20 and about two years ago, my mom told me it could have been possible that she miscarried my twin. She was only 17 when she was pregnant with me, and so she didn't have very good insurance. She wasn't sure she even was pregnant until around 3-4 months along. The only ultrasound she had was when she was 7 months and it was at Dr.'s office that wasn't an OBGYN.
I always knew I was a twin. Even when I was little. I always picked out people who looked similar, toys that looked alike, and I loved talking to myself in the mirror.

My imaginary friend was a twin sister, and I was happy to tell anyone who would listen how we had been together since before I was born.

I can't talk to many people about this now because since I don't have proof, they think it's just something I want and pretend its real.

I'm so thankful to have found this wonderful community of survivors, where we never judge or think anyone is crazy. It makes me feel a lot better about being in this world as a broken set.

This is just one of the many stories in Womb Twin Survivors

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