Saturday, January 12, 2013

Step 1 - My twin vanished at 9 weeks - could I possibly remember?

An extract from Womb Twin Survivors:

By nine weeks of pregnancy you looked quite recognisably human and you were much larger than your own front door key.
You had completely developed ears, fully pigmented eyes, taste buds on your tongue and the beginnings of primary teeth. Your arms and legs were well-formed, your fingers were longer and your toes no longer webbed.

 A new surface layer of skin was forming. Your tail had disappeared. You measured nearly three inches (7.5 cm) long from head to rump. You looked fully human.

57-60 days from conception

A story by a womb twin survivor-  ( p55)

When my Mom became pregnant with me, she had just married my father and  couldn’t be happier. Then she had a miscarriage at around nine weeks. She went to see the doctor in the middle of the night and he proceeded to console her, stating that he was deeply sorry for her loss. At the time my parents were clearing trees and brush to build a new house, so after my Mom lost the baby, she got to work. All day she worked hard so that she wouldn’t think of the child she lost. A few weeks later she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was still pregnant, for the signs were still there. She went back to the doctor and to his amazement he saw that she was still carrying a baby that was just as far along as her previous one should have been. She had been carrying twins and I was the survivor.

Did you lose your own twin in this way? What difference has it made to your life?

(The questionnaire may help, if you haven't done it already, that is....)

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