Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Step 2: My twin vanished long ago but the sadness remains........

An extraordinary characteristic of the Dream of the Womb is the way everything seems to be happening now, in a perpetual present.  The events may be historical, but the feelings are ever-present. This was sent to me, as part of  the questionnaire:

As long as I can remember, I always feel so sad to the extreme level when I was near or observing my twin friends. 
 I always have this weird thought of those twins are indeed lucky to have someone by their side of all the time. I feel very lonely and sometimes I just cry and cry alone without understanding why I cried.  For years I've always felt like that I'm missing someone without even sure if I am really missing something or someone.  It was not clear to me until I found this website and it all seems clear to me now.

Simply realising that the sadness is real, and relates to a real event, is of great value on the healing path.

The second stage on  the healing path is to learn how the death of your twin (or more than one womb mate, if it was a multiple pregnancy) has become a template for how you have lived your life until now.  The need to keep alive the lost twin in the Dream influence the tiny choices that womb twin survivors make every day, and many of those choices are self-sabotaging.  This self-defeating lifestyle has within it a higher purpose that may not be immediately evident to you - it is a sacrificial act of love, to give everything over to a single task, which is always to keep your twin alive in your life. 

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