Monday, January 28, 2013

The vanishing twin on Wikipedia - more please!!

I  have a Google alert for "vanishing twin" so I pick up any new material on the net that contains that term.  Well today it was a forum - social anxiety (shyness) which happens to be common among womb twin survivors in my experience.   The first poster said......

Okay you probably never heard of it i knew i didnt
Friday i was talking to my new therapist and i told her how in my youth i was obsessed with twins, twin movies, i even recorded myself in mirror mode and be talking like my twin was sitting next to me,and then id watch it back and saw my mirrored twin and was super happy kinda creepy i know but i was 9
So the psychiatrist told me i may have been part of a twin, and got traumatized in the womb cause he she either died or i absorbed her i basicly ate my sibling
Appearently 1 in 8 pregnancy starts as twins.
 Am i the only one who thinks it sounds like a old wifes tale my therapist was serious?
I doubt my current behaviour reflects my "trauma" in moms womb lol.
Or maybe you are the "survived twin" as well?

Then followed lots of information about the psychological effect of having had a vanishing twin, not put there by me, I may add.

The forum members had indeed not heard of it, not much anyway.  In their total ignorance they said things like
I've never really understood how one foetus could 'absorb' another. Sounds like something out of a bad sci-fi movie.
That list of common symptoms looks sketchy to me - it reminds me of those personality profiles they have for horoscopes and zodiac signs and delusional people who believe they're the descendants of extra-terrestrials. Are there any physiological markers in surviving twins that indicate that they are one? I have a small dermoid cyst below my right knee. Who knows, it might contain the remains of my dead twin.
 This sneering, sarcastic tone from ignorant people is what we have to contend with.  I tried to put womb twin survivors on Wikipedia in 2005, and it was rapidly merged with "vanishing twin" because it sounded like "new research."

After 10 years it's just not new any more. It's time Womb Twin Survivor was considered an acceptable term.  Its a broader term than "vanishing twin" because it includes  all the other scenarios like stillbirth or neonatal death of one twin.

PLEASE will someone who thinks they are useful, put my Womb Twin books on wikipedia for me? Just so it doesnt sounds like me constantly blowing my own trumpet on the Althea Hayton show???

Details here on my bibliography page, you can just copy and paste the references in.


  1. It's sad that people are so narrowed minded sometimes. If you want to think someone is crazy for something they have proof of, or believe in, we'll then maybe you need to look at yourself in the mirror and figure out why it is you feel the way you do. But they can never take away the love and connection I still feel for my twin. At least we have each other in our WTS community!

  2. I haven't really figured out how to put something on wikipedia, but I will once i figure that out!

  3. The way to do it is to set up an account for yourself, Then you can go into an editable version of the page, and put in the reference and any further information, but it has to refer to published material and be fully referenced. People rely on Wikipedia where they shouldn't, as it is notoriously inaccurate, but that doesn't mean we should not be strictly accurate ourselves! Good luck and thanks!