Saturday, February 09, 2013

A guest post: the reason for the lack of support for this idea

I have received a guest post from a womb twin survivor in Florida!

" I don’t need the proof they want. My awareness, my intuition is all I ever needed...."

 ( I hope to receive many more such posts, now they have started - if you have anything to say, just send me the words!!!)

Anyway, here it is:
“The real reason behind lack of support for the womb twin survivor”

It’s only been a couple of months since I discovered the grief and anguish I have carried my whole life was due to losing my twin sister. I didn’t have the actual data that I was twin since there were no ultrasounds and such in 1970 but my mom knew because she miscarried my sister very early into her pregnancy. She knew it because she experienced a miscarriage in a previous pregnancy and the visual clues used to confirm that one were painfully present when it occurred while pregnant with us. She was shocked when her doctor told her I was fine.
Being a very deep cerebral thinker, the one thing that bothers me the most about the emotional effects this traumatic event has on all of us is the fact that there are very few ‘official’ studies if any at all that look into it. Why?

‘Polluted’ science is why. Science needs ‘proof’. Thanks to science it is known Vanishing Twin Syndrome is real with current medically documented statistics ‘proving’ that 1 in 10, 10% of all humans are a twinless twin due to losing their twin before birth. Why the emotional effects we suffer through are not looked at is because there is no ‘proof’, no ‘physical’ data to substantiate the case. Of course there isn’t! Today there is no way to physically place statistical numbers, 1’s and 0’s, the binary code science is based off of to measure emotion other then the very young studies that can measure brain waves and such during different situations. Even so, it’s not enough for the masses in their ‘treat’ the symptom mindset. Let’s take a quick look at a few examples how a financial juggernaut was built from this blind thinking.

Clinical Depression: Patients are diagnosed as having a serotonin imbalance in their brain so the pharmaceutical industry has developed all sorts of ‘candy’ to correct this and it seems to work, they have the data to prove it by the numbers of people who ‘feel’ better.
ADHD: Another common problem and becoming more common by the sheer ‘numbers’ of more people exhibiting the ‘classic’ symptoms. They are diagnosed as having a physical issue with how dopamine is processed in their brains. Once again, the pharmaceutical machine has a different flavored ‘candy’ to correct this and they have ‘proof’, the numbers that it works because people ‘feel’ better.
Fibromyalgia: Tight, sore muscles throughout the body diagnosed by applying pressures to certain pressure points. What a surprise, there is a medication that works because the numbers show that people ‘feel’ better when they take it.
Here’s the catch, there is no test to physically prove these imbalances actually exist! I didn’t have to look up this fact; I know it because I have been diagnosed with all three of these disorders at different times in my life! I asked each time to be tested only to learn there is no such test for any of them. Only ‘Indicators’ that ‘prove’ the diagnosis!!

What? The medical industry, built mostly from scientific, physical facts, 1’s and 0’s has all sorts of treatments for ailments they cannot physically prove exist? How is this possible? One word…
Take a look at Cymbalta’s earnings from 2012, a drug used to treat depression and Fibromyalgia.

“Eli Lilly & Co. (LLY) reported fourth- quarter earnings that beat analyst estimates as sales of its top-selling drug, the Cymbalta depression treatment, increased 20 percent, helped by higher prices in the U.S.
Earnings excluding one-time items of 85 cents a share beat by 6 cents the average of 17 analyst estimates compiled by Bloomberg. Net income fell 4 percent to $827.2 million, or 74 cents a share, Indianapolis-based Lilly said in a statement.”


They made $827.2 million in net income in just the 4th quarter of 2012 alone treating two ‘syndromes’ that have no ‘scientific proof’ or tests that show they physically exist!
So, here we have an industry filled with Scientists, Doctors, and Scholars with all sorts of letters behind their titles such as ‘PhD’ using the scientific thought process of ‘fact’ as their base analysis to prove something exists yet they go against their own code in the name of generating profit. Brilliant!
So, why is it so hard for us to get support outside the WTS community? Let’s take a look at how ‘experts’ have poisoned science to desensitize society.  

What you are about to read are some posts I copied off a ‘Skeptics’ forum Althea had the bravery to enter with our community back in 2007. Mind you many of the other posts as bad as these came from people claiming to have PhD’s and such. I will smash their little world of ‘twisted’ science and debate them here with their own fact based thought process.

“wow , now i see the light,
10 years of being a psych nurse, working with a lot of eating disorder patients and personality disorders, trying all those old fashioned non womb twin therapies when all this time i could have easily cured their suffering by making up some crapola about "womb twin survivor guilt". i feel like i've wasted so much time. glad she's invented a completely nonsensical disorder so she can rake in the cash with a new "therapy" . how long before oprah gets ahold of this doozy!”

First off, it’s not a disorder; it’s a syndrome called ‘Vanishing Twin Syndrome’ and is scientifically proven. Interesting, you make the claim Althea made this up to generate money yet you are a nurse who treats psych patients with the medications that have been created solely to ‘rake in the cash’. Looking at your own writing, I can easily question your competency level in treating patients solely based off your use of grammar. If you can’t even type without taking the time to use spell check, how can anyone have confidence that you will take the time to treat your patents?

“The sad fact is, Althea, is that if you applied some critical thinking to your ideas, you would find it is bunk. You are speaking as an authority on a subject you know nothing about. The idea of a 12 week fetus having awareness and memories which persist into adulthood is, quite simply, insane. To seek out people with emotional problems and to delude them further with this "lost twin" insanity is reprehensible and downright evil. Shame on you.”

First off, what do you know about WTS’s? Apparently nothing until you read it here. How can you speak with authority that she doesn’t know anything about it when you clearly demonstrate you don’t either?
OK, you say “The idea of a 12 week fetus having awareness and memories which persist into adulthood is, quite simply, insane”. 

Where is your proof it doesn’t exist to back your theory that Althea is insane? Why is it insane, because it’s simply an ‘idea’ as you call it?   You might have heard this at some point in your life if you were paying attention which I am ‘skeptical’ about based off your response. It is just a little known fact that since the beginning of humanity that everything we have created from then to now has started with an ‘idea’. How is this ‘idea’ any different? Perhaps because there is no clear way it can generate mass amounts of money yet? Because nobody has proven it in the past based off hard data? 
What’s downright evil is that most everything in society is taught to us that someone else’s experiences that came before us are fact. This does not teach the growing mind how to critically think. It hampers one’s ability to learn how to critically think for them. Facts are found during research that was born from an ‘idea’ but wait, why is research in areas like Althea’s idea so slow to turn into fact? That’s right, research moves at a pace dictated by how fast it will generate revenue. Disagree? Good!

I present the same concept to you in something we have all dealt with, say in a job we work or worked at. Things we need to do our jobs better are often cut from budgets because they cost too much. Example, work load requires a certain number of employees to do the tasks. Profit starts to decrease as a whole thus ‘expenses’ need to be cut. Talk to any CFO, as they are trained to look at numbers all day. They cut expenses that don’t generate direct revenue first, which often includes employees themselves. The goal is to preserve the profit margin. Unless research can show a substantial profit in a shorter amount of time, it’s not going to get the attention it needs move faster. Want more proof? United States is in serious debt. A few years ago in efforts to cut the nation's expenses, he drastically cut funding to NASA, which is all about research.

“The most important attribute of an open-minded person is that they are willing to admit that they may be wrong. By responding to the very specific reasons we have given for doubting your claims with nothing but personal attacks on us for daring to demand real evidence, you have demonstrated that you are in fact a very close-minded individual.”

You are way too easy. You have it backwards. Althea is the one who is open-minded because she critically thought to challenge herself with an idea. You my friend are the close-minded one, since you clearly demonstrated in your response that you demand ‘real’ evidence. Going to the moon was thought of as insane and most didn’t believe it was possible until it was actually done. That came about because open-minded people took their idea, did the hard work, and made it REAL. Only then did the close-minded people believe.
In other words, you sir want someone else to do all the hard work.

“What proof do you have that "wombtwin survivors" are any more prone to match this description that the general public would be? Sorry, but the whole thing seems like a topic invented solely for the purpose of selling a book.”

And just how does your thought process differ from the pharmaceutical companies creating medications for syndromes that have no ‘proof’ exist and seem to solely exist for the purpose of selling a product??


And there you have it.
This is our challenge. As bad as we have it, dealing with a loss that even ourselves have a hard time understanding, it is up to all of us to bring awareness to light outside the WTS community. All of us started as ‘WE’ and were forced to exist as a ‘ME’ by events out of our control. We can be ‘WE’ again by uniting together and bringing the fight to them. Althea has been leading this charge for years now. 

As part of our healing we need to join her.

I for one am choosing to do just that. I don’t need a PhD or years of education to stand face to face with the people who have poisoned the mindset of science and use their own logic against them. Like a lot of us, I have suffered with doubting myself but in the times I was strong enough to accept a challenge, I always succeeded. I have learned I have always been confident, just uncertain. Joining this fight as part of our healing I am certain of.

I don’t need the proof they want. My awareness, my intuition is all I ever needed. They want the proof; I will give it to them. It’s already in front of them. All they need to do is be strong enough to take off their rose colored glasses and look. ‘WE’ will show them how because that is exactly what we have all done and is why we learned our truths.
As part of my healing, challenge accepted!

 ( I hope to receive many more such posts, now they have started - if you have anything to say, just send me the words!!!)


  1. These various posts from the Doubting Thomases suggest that Althea dreamed up the whole concept of Wombtwin Survivors and planted the suggestion in deluded and depressed people's minds. I must speak up on this exact subject. I have felt this way since I was a 6-year-old child. There was no internet then (the 1960's) and certainly no books on the subject. I carried this around with me for more than 50 years, trying to articulate what I felt, only to be ridiculed by other people, including people "in authority": medical professionals, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc. Sometimes people in the medical profession are the worst ones in terms of understanding, as illustrated by that response from that awful person who says she is a psych nurse working with eating disorder patients(which, incidentally, I had anorexia at the age of 12 when eating disorders were not nearly as prevalent and there was little, if no, information about them. Now, I am horrified to see there are websites popping up that give young, impressionable children information on "how to keep anorexia and bulimia going at full-speed" and not get help with the disorder! Anyway, my point is, that Althea never planted the idea in my mind. It was always there, and I suffered greatly over the last 5 decades. When I finally DID find the Wombtwin Survivors website, it was like the biggest, most luminous light in the universe came on and I breathed a sigh of feelings were all substantiated! I wasn't crazy with a "colorful imagination" (as my mother always said). Everything I had felt and did was all for a very good reason. THANK YOU ALTHEA for everything you have done and continue to do. There will always be the naysayers and nonbelievers. Keep on doing it for everyone who needs you...the unfortunate survivors who haven't been able to get into the light yet..but they will. And for the rest of us, we must keep on educating others and getting the word out, too. We are all in this together. DON'T LET THE DOUBTERS GET YOU DOWN!!!! WE KNOW WHAT IS IN OUR HEARTS AND SOULS.

  2. Quote from Einstein that went round on facebook (it was in German, but I hope I can put it down correct here): If you realise you are on the side of the majority, it's time to stop and think things over... It is not just with WTS, but with everything.
    Thanks you for this post. Keep on going.
    I agree with comment 1: Thank you Althea! Your work has been life saving for me.
    By the way I knew I had lost a twin before it was ever called Wombtwin survivor or I ever had heard of Althea's work. I always thought I was the only one. I am not. So yes, let us unite and together make a voice.

  3. Thanks! The first thing to do to unite together is to create small groups, or cells. I have decided to use MEET UP. We are meeting at a local pub in my home town St Albans on April 1st and from then on the first Monday of every month. You too can make a "WOMB TWIN SURVIVORS SUPPORT AND INFORMATION" meeting happen in the place where you live! You can make a MEET-UP group very easily. There is a charge, but you can always get a small donation from each person to cover costs.

    If you start a WTSSI group with meet up I will give you 20 little womb twin badges to hand to your first 20 members! I've only got 100, so the first five groups will get them for free! Good luck!

  4. I am in the process of creating a website for WTS and hope to use it as a central point for everyone, perhaps links to each group (cells) and such.

    BTW, I am the one who sent in this Blog to Althea. :)

  5. in the meantime there is