Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A mother grieves for her little twin son, and Oprah helps...

Two tiny twins are born, one dies.  The parent ask what was the point of that tiny new life, brought into the world only to leave it almost immediately? Oprah in her usual positive way has found some answers but they missed a trick, didn't they? See what I mean?

Yes of course, you guessed it - they didn't think about the sole surviving twin, Spencer.  They are busy working out why Ryan, such a tiny baby, would be born only to die. They didn't think that the survivor would carry a memory of the twin for the whole of his life, and that would be worth talking about. While we focus so much on the mother's grief we are forgetting their son, a womb twin survivor who is probably in need to appropriate help and support - probably lonely inside and burdened with survivor guilt, but unable to put his feelings into words, because probably no one has tried to talk to him about how HE feels.

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