Thursday, February 21, 2013

My new web site!

I have been busy since the beginning of this year planning, developing and updating my womb twin survivors web site.  It's now up there, for all to see!
Here are some of the new additions;

The very best source of quality information about womb twin survivors

  • Drop down menus
    • Four steps to healing
    • Stories
    • Articles
    • Poems
    • Books and ebooks
    • Four ways to connect with other womb twin survivors
    • Workshops with Althea

    Special Pages:
    • for therapists
    • for parents
    • for medical professionals
    • for womb twin survivors needing support 
  • Useful external links
  • A starter quiz
  • Hoarding questionnaire
  • Food problems questionnaire
  • Press page
  • and more...............

If you are new to this whole idea, there is a special page for you. If you have been searching for  a place on the net that has everything you ever wanted to know about womb twin survivors, you have now found it, so come along and explore!

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